Friday, April 22, 2011

Better for you Chick- fil-a Banana pudding milkshake :)

1 1/2 cups of slow churned light vanilla ice cream (Edy's or Giant brand)
1/4 cup fat free milk
1/2 small banana or 1/4 small banana
3 crushed reduced fat Nilla wafers
1/8 tsp. banana extract
whipped cream on top (optional) 

Blend all ingredients together except for the Nilla wafers until desired thickness. Stir in the crushed cookies. Add whipped cream on top if you'd like. Enjoy! :)

This is a small sized milkshake and the calories added up to around 380-400 cals. The Chick-fil-A version is a whopping 780 cals for a SMALL!! So while this isn't something to have every night , it is a nice special treat to have once in a while for around half the cals! :)

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  1. Thank u! Buying the ingredients 2night!!! :)

    Amy King-Sloan