Monday, July 19, 2010

Grilled Steak Salad

Grilled Steak Salad: This is the perfect summer meal! We are trying to cut down on white flour carbs for dinner so we made this salad. It is full of protein and fresh ingredients! Do yourself a big favor and fire up the grill to make this. You won't be disappointed! :)

Ingredients: (servings - 2)

-Small head of Romaine lettuce
- fresh cherry tomatoes (halved) - we used 5 tomatoes per salad)
- 2 soft or hard boiled eggs (halved)
- 1 ripe avocado (thinly sliced)
- 4 pieces of bacon - fried nice and crisp and then crumbled
- 10-12 oz. NY strip or Flank steak- grilled to medium doneness- then cut into around 1/2 inch think strips or however you like it!
- 1 cup sugar snap peas ( I cut them in half to make them smaller)
- 1/2 cup reduced fat fresh bleu cheese or gorgonzola
- your favorite low cal/low fat honey mustard dressing (we used Paula Deen's Vidalia onion, honey mustard dressing- believe it or not she has a low fat dressing! ( 60 cal. and 3.5 grams of fat per serving! ) :)

Divide all ingredients on to 2 separate plates. Keep all ingredients separate for a pretty presentation (see pic above) Drizzle the dressing on top of the salad and enjoy!

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